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Terms and conditions of use

Rules and Regulations of the Internet Site: liliflowers.co.il

General Provisions:

  • Internet site liliflowers.co.il (hereinafter:"the Site"),  is an Internet site, offering its customers various products for sale (potted plants, flower bouquets, home decorations, helium balloons, chocolate, wine, etc.) (hereinafter: "the Site Services" ), the Site is owned by the "Lili Flowers" shop, the authorized dealer  No. 309704567 (hereinafter: "the Shop").

  • Every order and delivery of any product from the Site is subject to it's being in stock.

  • The use of the website with different services it offers requires the consent of visitors and users (hereinafter:  "the User") for the provisions of these Rules and Regulations and constitutes the confirmation of the fact that the User has read the provisions of these Rules and Regulations and agreed to them, before making any acquisitions at the website or ordering any of its services through the Internet or by phone or in any other way.

  • The document of Rules and Regulations is written in compliance with the Consumer Protection Law of 5741 (1981) and the regulations based on it (hereinafter: "Consumer Protection Law"). The store emphasizes that its activity will be carried out exclusively in compliance with the Consumer Protection Law. In any case of contradiction between the regulations of the Rules and Regulations and the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law prevail.

  • The shop reserves the right to change and/or to amend the Rules and Regulations at any time, at its sole discretion, without prior notice, and every change becomes obligatory from the moment it is published at the Internet site.

  • The provisions of the Rules and Regulations are formulated in masculine solely for the convenience, and they refer to men and women alike.

Website Terms and Conditions – acquisition of services and receiving information   

  • Various actions at the Site may be performed solely for the purpose of making orders, receiving services and/or information. This Site may not be used for other purposes.

  • Any person aged 18 or more that is a holder of a valid credit card (or is explicitly authorized by the credit card owner) may submit orders for acquiring the services through the website (hereinafter: "the Buyer").

  • The order or the offer (hereinafter: "the Offer") made by the Buyer for receiving the services will be accepted if all the following conditions are fulfilled:

(1) The buyer's credit company has issued permission for the transaction.

(2) The requested goods are in stock.

(3) The address for mailing the product is in the distribution map of the site.

(4) The Buyer has submitted his e-mail address, with the exception of the case when the transaction is carried out by phone.

Purchase via the Internet site:

  • Choose the product and click on it in order to add it to the shopping cart.

  • Choose the area for delivery

  • Choose the appropriate delivery date.

  • If you are a registered user of the Site, enter your user name, if you are an anonymous user, please undergo a short registration.

  • Provide the address for delivery and the personal information of the recipient.

  • Please note that every delivery is subject to delivery fees, depending on the delivery area.

  • Choose the greeting

  • Insert the credit card / PayPal information.

  • The order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail.

  • Delivery method – the order will be delivered to the recipient by the courier.

Services and prices policy:

  • The orders via Internet Site are accepted for the amounts higher than 90 NIS (not including handling and shipping fees).

  • The pictures of flower bouquets, flower arrangements and bundles, seedlings and potted plants presented at the site are for illustration purposes only, and it is possible that the product will not look like it does in the picture. It is emphasized that the flowers and the seedlings are living plants, that plants of the same kind come in different shades, different size and according to the seasons of the year. The pictures on the computer display are different from the product delivered to the client.

  • The range of services, the prices (including delivery fees) and the terms of payment at this Internet site are subject to change from time to time exclusively at the store's discretion.

  • If a purchase order of a flower bouquet and/or flower arrangement and/or any other product represented at the Internet Site was made, and the ordered product is out of stock, the store will provide a product as similar as possible to the one that was ordered, and the product as close as possible in color and/or category to the one that was ordered.

  • The store reserves the right to turn to the Buyer and make him an offer to purchase a replacement product for the similar price.

  • There will be no double discounts.

Business hours and delivery times:

  • The deliveries will be carried out Sunday - Thursday from 10:00 till 18:30, on Friday from 10:00 till 14:30.

  • There will be no deliveries on Saturday and on holidays.

  • The purchased product will arrive at its destination within 5 hours after the order was confirmed, and this is on condition that the order was placed during the store's working hours as specified above.

  • On holiday eves there is no obligation on the delivery time, on these days the order will be delivered during the store's working hours.

  • The order received on the days Sunday-Thursday till 17.00 will be processed on the same day; the order received after 17:00 will be processed on the next business day.

  • The order received on Friday or on holiday eve after 12.00 will be processed on the next business day.

  • It is possible to call the store after the Internet site business hours in order to check the possibility of making the delivery on the same business day.

Information on the Buyer of the Site services:

  • Details of the action carried out in the Internet Site, including the details of the offer and the information about the Buyer, will be transferred using the coded security protocol (SSL), used in the Internet commerce to the computer of the store allocated for the data processing. The store and the Internet site operators will not transfer this information to a third party, with the exception of the credit company and the suppliers (not including the credit card data) and this only in order to complete the purchase actions, carried out by the Buyer. The company reserves the right to use the information given by the Buyer for statistic analyses and its transfer to other bodies. In this case the data will not relate personally to the individual carrying out the transaction and will not identify him.            

  • The store will be permitted to send emails to the individuals carrying out the transactions and to address them in writing or orally with all the information on sales in the store, renewals in the Internet site, ads of certain commercial  bodies, etc., if the Buyer did not announce in writing that he is not interested in it.

Payment for the services:

  • All the prices represented in the Internet Site include VAT if not explicitly stated otherwise. The payment for the services will be charged to the credit card, according to the information about it that was typed in for your offer before sending the order or close to it. If the company policy allows payment of the total amount in installments, the credit card will be charged accordingly (subject to the approval by the credit company).

  • The total amount that will be charged to the Buyer is indicated in "Transaction details screen during the checkout process". This amount includes payment for all the items in the "shopping cart", including handling and delivery fees.

Purchase Cancellation:

  • Every Buyer that carried out a purchase of the Site services and is interested to cancel his purchase of an expendable product (such as:  flowers, ornamental plants, flower arrangements, potted plants) must inform of his intention to cancel within an hour from the time the purchase was made (via Internet or phone).

  • In case the order was not yet carried out (flower design/arrangement) and the product was not yet sent to the addressee, the store will satisfy the customer’s request to cancel the order.  Cancellation announcement sent after the product has left the store cannot be accepted.

Limitation of Liability:

Lili Flowers will do whatever it can so that the products presented in the Internet Site will be at the highest possible level.

  • Lili Flowers undertakes many actions in order to ensure that the products she sells (flowers, potted plants, ornamental plants, flower arrangements, etc.) are of the highest quality and are fresh.  In case the abovementioned products are not fresh the Buyer can turn to the store and inform the store that the product is not fresh, no later than 12 hours from the time the product arrived to the destination. The store will check the Buyer's complaint and may exchange the damaged product at its sole discretion.

  • The responsibility on products that are not flowers, potted plants, flower arrangements, flower bouquets, ornamental plants, and also on the information concerning the nature of the products, including the manufacturers' names, quality of products, products' characteristics, etc. rests on resellers and/or manufacturers of the products, in compliance with the laws and the regulations for the consumer protection and in compliance with the warranty conditions and service policy of the product.

  • In any case of the store charge on any legal grounds, for the products that were acquired and are mentioned in this paragraph, the charged amount will not exceed the amount that was in fact paid for the Site services.

  • The store and/or the Internet Site owners and/or its developers and/or its administrators and/or their representatives are not responsible for the site's servers and for any problem that may arise as a result of viruses or foreign elements of any kind that may in any way damage the Buyer's personal computer or other equipment belonging to the Buyer when he uses the Internet Site.

  • The store is not responsible for the illegal activity in the Internet site of the Buyer or any third party that is not controlled by the store.

  • The store has the right to stop / to prevent the Buyer's commitment and/or access to a part of the Internet Site or to the whole site, as it sees fit.

Improper use of the site:

  • Anyone using the Site in an improper way commits to Indemnify and compensate the company and/or the Ste owners and/or the Site creators and/or the Site operators and/or the Site administrators and/or their representatives with respect to any claim and/or expense and/or damages of any kind and type, including legal expenses, caused to the company and/or Site owners and/or the Site creators and/or the Site operators and/or the Site administrators and/or their representatives.

Reservation of the ownership and the rights:

  • The materials represented in the Internet Site, including pictures, content, graphics, video, sound, music are protected by the copyrights, trademarks, different proprietary rights, and some of them are owned by the store, and some of them are owned by the third party. The User and/or any third party carrying out the activity is not permitted to publish, to change, to transmit, to transfer, to take part in transfer or sale and to use the site or any part of it in order to create a derivative work or to use the site and/or its contents, all of it or part of it for any purpose with the exception of the purpose for which it was created.

  • The store allows the Site User to download data to his personal computer on condition that he does it exclusively for his personal use, and not for commercial use, and this permission does not provide proprietary right of any kind for the specific information and for the Site contents in general.

  • The Site visitor and/or the Site User and/or the Buyer commits not to upload to the site the information that violates copyright, trademarks and/or any proprietary right and/or pornographic content and/or offensive material, etc. Uploading of the information described above entitles the store or its representative for compensation from the uploader for the damage and/or expenses (including legal expenses) caused by this inappropriate behavior.

  • The store is not responsible for links to other Internet sites published in this Site. The links are provided solely for convenience, and there is no responsibility for the information that appears in them or in the Internet sites linked to these sites, their validity and legality. The usage of these links is solely on the responsibility of their user.

  • Those interested to publish a link to this Site in the other Internet sites must contact the Site administration in written form in advance, in order to obtain a written permission for that.

  • The Store is allowed to make any change in the Site, including its reduction, sale, closure, etc.

  • Any controversy between the Buyer and/or User and/or visitor of the Site, and the Site, will be discussed in Israel, in the Court of Tel Aviv.

Customer Service:

  • For various inquiries and additional information please turn to the Internet Site via email  liliflowerstlv@gmail.com
    or by phone 052-6405024 or 03-5230000

  • Sunday through Thursday from 10:00 till 20:00, Friday and holiday eve from 10:00 till 16:00